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Mark Williams

★★★★★ ★★★★★ 5 star garage, no messing, no pressure. DS11DWA Purchase verified Status: Reviewed 14/07/2018 By Mark W - Fast, easy and pleasant experience. The guys at motor court and the type of salesmen who don't pressure or pester their customers, on my first visit a salesman approached me and I though oh here we go with the sales pitch but it was nothing like that, he said hello and if I needed to ask any questions on need any help to just pop into the office and ask, there was no pressure to purchase a car from them, If I seen something I like then great if not that was ok, or wether I had changed my mind they were so understanding. I did purchase a car, a car that was reasonably priced and was exactly as described in the advert, the car drove as if should. I didn't think I'd ever buy from a garage because I dislike pushy salesmen but these guys are spot on. I'd defiantly go back here for when I want a new one. Much appreciated guys.